Christina Guidotti, www.christinaguidotti.com.au

I am so grateful that Cerian Griffiths was recommended to me as the editor of my book, How To Have It All. The entire process of working with Cerian as she edited my 60,000 word book was a pleasure. She showed so much patience with me, especially being my first book, and went above and beyond my expectations. I look forward to her helping me with my next book – already being worked on. Thanks Cerian.

Vision House Creative Studios

I had a fantastic experience when dealing with CerianG. Although I was quoted for a possible 6-8 hours of copy-writing, CerianG had the job done in a lot less time. I was very impressed with her honestly and the fact that she kept me up to date every step of the way. CerianG also helped me navigate my way through the process as this was my first time using Elance. The product of work that CerianG delivered was far better than I could have hoped for. I couldn’t have made a better decision when looking for a copywriter.

C. Mears – Carey Ink Newspaper

Cerian was incredibly efficient with the job awarded and took initiative to follow up contacts and research the work thoroughly. She pulled together excellent work under short time constraints and was extremely flexible and easy to work with! Thanks Cerian!!

Bryna Kranzler, The Accidental Anarchist

“I hadn’t been planning to hire an editor to read my book, and had little time or money to commit for it. I asked for a “top level” review — what works, what doesn’t work, where can I cut, what do I need to add, etc. Cerian read the description of what I wanted, we discussed it, and she sent me a report of that type that she had written for someone else, which made clear she understood what I needed. She was also sensitive to my compressed time frame. Her final report definitely showed that she “got” it. I have already hired her a second time, this time to proofread the manuscript, and have referred one of my writer friends to her, without reservation. She is not only excellent at what she does, but cares about the work, itself, and the person behind it. A real gem; I feel lucky to have found her.”

Salena Knight, flower child

“During the construction of our press releases, CerianG was communicative and informative. We had a very broad (read none really) brief on what we wanted. Suggestions were made on the authors part, which we happily accepted, with the result being a fantastic set of press releases that superbly reflect our product and company with a super-fast turnaround time. Highly recommended and we will definitely use again.”

Jack Keogh, International Management Consultant and author

“Cerian did an absolutely marvelous job editing my memoirs. Not only did Cerian edit out the extraneous text, she improved the flow of the narratives, eliminated my abuse of passive-voice and turned my original into a more “professional’ document. She made the manuscript more readable while always remaining faithful to my voice. She is extremely easy to work with, organized, intelligent, responsive and punctual. She took the time to understand me and the ‘background” to my story. I recommend her wholeheartedly – even though we are continents apart, I feel that we got to know each other. Contact me if you need more. Thank you, Cerian!”


“Thank you very much for helping me out with some writing that I wouldn’t have been able to do myself. I’m sure my Father also loved the letters and poem.”

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