Driving Straight on Crooked Lines by Jack Keogh

Driving Straight on Crooked Lines

Project Description: Completed a substantive line-by-line edit on this lengthy memoir.

Jack Keogh, International Management Consultant and author, March 2010: “Cerian did an absolutely marvelous job editing my memoirs. Not only did Cerian edit out the extraneous text, she improved the flow of the narratives, eliminated my abuse of passive-voice and turned my original into a more “professional’ document. She made the manuscript more readable while always remaining faithful to my voice. She is extremely easy to work with, organized, intelligent, responsive and punctual. She took the time to understand me and the ‘background” to my story. I recommend her wholeheartedly – even though we are continents apart, I feel that we got to know each other. Contact me if you need more. Thank you, Cerian!”

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Driving Straight on Crooked Lines: How an Irishman found his heart and nearly lost his mindBook Description

Driving Straight On Crooked Lines is Jack Keogh’s inspiring autobiography, covering the twenty years of his life from adolescence in Dublin, Ireland, to adulthood as a Catholic Priest in the Legion of Christ, and onwards: transitioning to a new life as husband, father, and international management consultant. For twenty years, Jack’s life was intertwined with the Legion, and its controversial founder Marcial Maciel. Both the Legion, and Maciel feature in this memoir, but it is not about them. Rather, this is Jack’s story. As such, it is told with candor, a sparkle in the eye, plenty of blarney, and Irish good humor. Spanning locations across the globe, this memoir gives insight to the inner workings of what some see as a religious cult, and to the inner thoughts of a former priest. It tells how an Irishman found his heart, and in doing so, nearly lost his mind. It is often moving, frequently funny, very entertaining, and always memorable.

Thankfully there are clients out there who don’t want monkeys….

And therefore, don’t want to pay peanuts…. Regardless of my previous (and so true) blog entry.

Since my last large substantive editing job, working for a wonderful client, with wonderful subject matter… I’ve fulfilled a contract for a Maid of Honor Speech –
which was fun, if not pithy, and turned down two contracts, one of which I couldn’t make sense of (trying to avoid the words ‘stupid client’ oops…), the other I had minimal interest in.
The latter, however, was really put on hold, because I had been put on hold for a very large (indeed, financially) celebrity ghostwriting contract – shortlisted, one of three. Needless to say, I have heard nothing as yet.

But! I am about to start doing an appraisal on a lengthy 100k manuscript – subject matter oh so interesting – great client and not offering peanuts. 🙂
I do find it interesting that I’ve gone from Catholic Priests, to Polish Jews. 🙂 Both fabulous – I love it!

I am also thrilled to be able to help out a friend with some press releases. So, things are, as ever, heading onwards and upwards.
Some people value integrity and quality, and understand worth better than others. It is them that make this world a richer place. 🙂

Do you want fries with that?

Do you want fries with that?

Apparently, having an MA in Professional Writing qualifies me to… serve burgers.

Oh. Wait. Burger servers actually get paid more per hour, than some people would
like to pay to professional, qualified writers, for in depth writing and editing work.

The age of the internet does, in fact, have a lot to answer for. Of course it also has so many benefits, that perhaps the point is moot.

Still, it never ceases to amaze me, how many people would like to pay $2 per 500 word
article x 50. Granted, they don’t care if the provider’s credentials come from the back of a cereal box. Or indeed, are self written on a roll of toilet paper.
I would claim it was insulting, if I actually took it seriously enough to be insulted. Life’s too short for that.
After all, they will be getting what they pay for. Which probably equates to shit on toilet paper.

As I say… Would you like fries with that?

I am not a Spice Girl!

I am not, nor have I ever been, a member of the Spice Girls, Touch, or any other incarnation thereof.

Lord knows where, and how, this spurious rumor originated.

Yes, upon submission of my vocal tape, CV and headshot – I was shortlisted and invited to audition.
BUT, I did not GO to the audition. I cancelled it, because I thought it sounded like a lot of commercial rubbish. Do I regret that decision? Not on your Nelly. I was so right. 🙂

New website launched!

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