Thankfully there are clients out there who don’t want monkeys….

And therefore, don’t want to pay peanuts…. Regardless of my previous (and so true) blog entry.

Since my last large substantive editing job, working for a wonderful client, with wonderful subject matter… I’ve fulfilled a contract for a Maid of Honor Speech –
which was fun, if not pithy, and turned down two contracts, one of which I couldn’t make sense of (trying to avoid the words ‘stupid client’ oops…), the other I had minimal interest in.
The latter, however, was really put on hold, because I had been put on hold for a very large (indeed, financially) celebrity ghostwriting contract – shortlisted, one of three. Needless to say, I have heard nothing as yet.

But! I am about to start doing an appraisal on a lengthy 100k manuscript – subject matter oh so interesting – great client and not offering peanuts. 🙂
I do find it interesting that I’ve gone from Catholic Priests, to Polish Jews. 🙂 Both fabulous – I love it!

I am also thrilled to be able to help out a friend with some press releases. So, things are, as ever, heading onwards and upwards.
Some people value integrity and quality, and understand worth better than others. It is them that make this world a richer place. 🙂

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